Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yogurtland, You Rule!

Today I reviewed Yogurtland in downtown Bellevue, and there are also locations in Seattle. There have been a lot of self-serve yogurt places opening on the eastside in the last year, but rule!

On decor of restaurant, I give it a 4. When I walked in the store, the first thing I noticed is that everything is green! It has been proven that green is a soothing color and it makes you feel healthy. I definitely felt healthy just being there. The place was very modern and everything that wasn't green was either white or dark wood. It looked very nice together. There were plenty of tables and chairs and the only pictures on the walls were of  fresh fruit. There were skylights on the ceiling which made the place look very bright and white. Be warned...the chairs look like they are tilted forward and my mom kept asking me not to tip my chair. I wasn't!


On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give it a 4. The staff didn't say much, but they certainly didn't care about how many samples of yogurt I took. Believe me, I took a lot. How else would I know if chocolate milkshake tasted good with mint? Turns out it is great! They even offered me samples of the toppings. There were kids everywhere and I felt very welcome. After I finished my yogurt, I took some more "samples" of the toppings and noone cared!

On service speed, I give it a 5! You serve yourself.  I'm pretty fast so I give myself a 5.

On taste of food, I give it a 5! They had great flavors for kids like chocolate milkshake and root beer float! The flavors tasted just like the real thing. I could really tell that they had good intentions when they placed the flavors since you could swirl two flavors together - like chocolate milkshake and mint, and strawberry and cheesecake. They also had some really good tart flavors that I don't usually like, but this yogurt is creamy, rich and sweet. This time I chose plain tart yogurt with fresh fruit as a topping. The clean and cold yogurt was the perfect match for the fresh fruit. The tart was not too sour or bitter and it was not too sweet like vanilla. It was just perfect. They also had a really great topping selection like fresh fruit, candy and cookies. They even had asian toppings like mochi, popping boba and asian red beans!? All serve yourself.

On appearance of food, I give mine a 5! The appearance is actually up to you! You can make the swirls and toppings as pretty or as nasty as you want. Like my sister's - gloppy with strawberry yogurt, sour gummy worms, frosted animal cookies...etc. Mine was pretty, I give mine a 5 and hers like a 1. 

On price, I give it a 4. It is $0.35 per ounce and most people average 5-7 oz or $1.75-$2.45. The price is up to you! 

Yogurtland gets a total score of 27/30!!! You rule! The tasting cups are left out on the table so you can take as many as you want with no sweat. All of the yogurt is low calorie, non-fat, gluten free and has added vitamin C! Not only does it taste great, but it is healthy. Yogurtland is delicious, great for kids and I will definitely be back soon.  

Their motto is "you rule", as in when you are there, you decide what to get. They are definitely right, and I say, Yogurtland YOU RULE!!!!

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  1. No, Emily - YOU RULE - you're the best reviewer ever.

  2. Awesome post! That place looks incredible! Although it is interesting that the place that does the least for you scores the highest. I guess you are just the best!

    - Uncle D

  3. This review is definitely one of your most entertaining! I was laughing out loud. Awesome job. -Kelly