Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today I reviewed XXX Root Beer in Issaquah and I fell in love. I didn't think it would happen until junior high, but it did.

On decor of restaurant, I give it a 5! It was very retro and old school. There are huge gumball machines when you first walk in, but if you don't want to necessarily walk in, there is a walk up ice cream and milkshake bar open to the patio. Everyone seemed to be getting rootbeer floats. XXX makes their own rootbeer and they have had the same recipe since 1930. The walls and ceilings are covered with pictures, Coke stuff, license plates with puns and old items that I can't even name. There is a creepy doll called Howdy Doody. Don't even look at it. There is an old working juke box and it was very cool. They had oversized sunglasses that you can wear and my two friends and I all had fun wearing them. Pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis surrounded me everywhere, and that is not really a bad thing if you really think about it. There was 50's and 60's music playing and it gave me an idea of what it was like back then. 

Here is the huge gumball stole 50 cents from me! Why me?

Walkup ice cream bar...

On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give it a 5! There were a lot of servers and they were really nice. They made sure we knew about the silly sunglasses and made sure we felt welcome. I could really tell that they like kids and were happy we liked it there. Whenever I asked for something, they were not annoyed in the least. Doesn't everyone need a knife, ranch dressing, more ketchup, more water....?

On service speed, I give it a 5! The food came out much quicker than I thought it would and everything was hot and crispy.

Root beer float...

Cheese balls...

Bacon cheeseburger with garlic fries...

Don't worry. I didn't eat this all myself! On taste of food, I give it a 5! The cheese balls were pure bliss. Basically they are just cheese rolled in batter and fried, but what is better than cheese or batter or anything fried? I'll tell you what is better, their bacon cheeseburgers. Like I said, I wasn't prepared to fall in love.  My life totally changed today. I never thought that I could have a burger this amazing. The soft sesame bun absorbed the delicious sauce. The bite with the burger, cheese, crisp pickles, lettuce, bacon and tomatoes was like a bite of pure heaven. The bacon was crispy and smoked and the burger was cooked to perfection. It was so delicious it is making my mouth water and I am at a loss for words. Just try it. The root beer float was a whole other story. It was even more special since the root beer is house made. It is very sweet and tingles your taste buds. They put a swirl of soft serve ice cream on the side of it and let me tell you, that made the whole drink. Hungry yet?

On appearance of food, I give it a 3. The floats are served with rainbow sprinkles and little toy animals on the ice cream which was kind of cool. Really though, what am I going to do with a tiny camel? Let it loose in my tiny Sahara Desert? The sprinkles looked like a party but didn't make any difference on the taste. The burgers looked sloppy, but not everything has to be super pretty to be super good. Like my hamster, he looks crazy but he is really sweet.

On price, I give it a 3.  The  burger and fries cost $13.00 and the floats cost $2.99. This is not too expensive but don't just come here with your Sunday allowance. Not that I get any. Thanks mom.

For an over all score of 26/30 (-: If you want to have this eXXXcellent root beer at home you can buy it in gallons to go. It's a CASH ONLY joint but don't worry, there is an ATM just in case. XXX Root Beer is a great place for kids. They have car shows on the weekends so it is a great place for dads too. Let's just say it is perfect for families. Take your family there and have an eXXXcellent eXXXperience, like I did.

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  1. Excellent post, Emily! Your description of the burger made me totally hungry. What did they do that made it so different? The root beer float looks awesome. I have not had I one in years. I think I have to make one now - but it won't be nearly as good with normal root beer. Hope to see you guys soon.

    - Uncle D

  2. I agree with Uncle D--this was (another) excellent post. I do believe a XXX root beer float, cheese balls, garlic fries and a burger are in store for us next time we're in Seattle!


  3. This was such a great blog--another super job, Emily!! This might almost beg a trip to Seattle--everything sounded so inviting. Miss you, love you.

    Grammie and Grampie

  4. Your description of the food was amazing. I'd love to visit there. I've never been to a place where you can buy homemade root beer by the gallon!! -Kelly

  5. Grampie,

    Fortunately, all of these foods just happen to be on your diet!


  6. I want the cheese balls!!! Thanks for sharing!


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  8. I wouldn't mind at all! I love your blog. I have tried to make sushi and it is so hard.