Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TGIF Harbor!

Thank Goodness It's Friday Harbor! I spent a fabulous Memorial Day weekend in Friday Harbor with my family and a friend. If you like seafood and yummy treats, this is the place to be. Right in the harbor there is a great ice cream place called Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company, or FHICC.  They serve way more than 31 flavors of ice cream, and let's just say we ate there every night. Double scoops!

FHICC is really small and most of the time it's packed with peeps. Not just because it's amazing but it is also just really small. Warning: It's a little uncomfortable to be in there when it's packed because you are squished in front of a ton of people who like REALLY want their ice cream. I can understand why, because it's creamy and rich packed with flavor. Mine didn't even melt because I ate it so fast that it didn't have time. Even if you had a horrible day, the ice cream from this place will always cheer you up! I am not above emotional eating.

From great to horrible, Downriggers is also near the marina and it is to be avoided!

On the first morning we were there I wasn't hungry when I woke up and waited a few hours to eat. We decided to try Downriggers but I soon realized it was a mistake. It took sooooo long for a server to take our order and even longer to get our food! I seriously almost passed out I was soooo hungry! I ordered a BLT omelet. When the food finally came it was just ok. Actually it left me sick when I got back to the boat. My Dad asked me if he could try my omelet for next time and I asked him is there going to be a next time and he said no so that is good. I know why it is called Downriggers, because it is totally rigged and hard to keep down.

Friday's Crabhouse is my favorite place in Friday Harbor to eat dinner. The seafood is so fresh and clean with the taste that is not fishy but tastes just like the fresh ocean. They shuck fresh oysters on the sidewalk out front and they claim that they have found some pearls, but I seriouly doubt that. You can get the oysters bbq'd which I strongly recommend you try. My friend and I shared a fresh dungeness crab and it was delicious! The whole restaurant is outside, even the kitchen, and you can look out over the ocean while you eat. Also, there is a little shop down below where you can try on cool sunglasses and they sell a ton of jewelry from the island. Do not miss this place next time you are in Friday Harbor. It is right across from the ferry terminal.

Another amazing place for seafood is called Friday Harbor Seafood and it is located under the dock in the marina. Most people don't even know it's there! They have live seafood like crabs and shrimps and they will steam it fresh for you right there. They also have lots of other fresh fish and things that are already cooked. You can also buy fish to feed my favorite friend...

This local harbor seal is either missing an eye or has a cataract. Hard to tell. He has been there forever and he hangs around the fish shop because people feed him. And you can tell. Apparantly obesity in America is not only a problem for people. He is really nice and he won't bite off your hand. This is actually me feeding him.

 TGIF Harbor! We had a great weekend visiting alpacas, boating, fishing trying to fish, and beachcombing. If you are looking for a fun family weekend filled with yummy local treats, this is it!


  1. Great post! Sounds like a fun place. I love seafood, but I am in Arizona now and fear getting seafood in the middle of the desert. Good luck learning to fish!

    Uncle D

    1. Thanks Uncle D, miss you and I hope that I can see you soon! <3

  2. Next time we go there, we will know the best place to eat. YUM!!! I will definitely feed Popeye.

  3. nothing better than good seafood. i have also eaten at Downriggers and like Emily said, it took all my willpower to stop that cup of scallop soop down on the boat... now i know the GOOD places in F.H.!!!