Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kids, Pack Your Lunch

Today I reviewed The Bellevue School District school lunch. To all of you kids who buy lunch, you will be way happier if you pack it!

On decor of restaurant/cafeteria, I give it a 1. This is maybe the most boring place I have ever seen. They should get some kind of boring award or something like that. We eat in our what they like to call "multi purpose room" which is technically a lunch room, a gym, and the assembly room. It's kind of weird because you are trying to eat lunch while there are huge basketball hoops over your head. We are sitting on folding, not real wooden benches that are stuffed in our closet after lunch is over. Who knows what could be in that closet? Spiders, dust, and everything that you don't want to be eating on.

On friendliness of staff/lunch room monitors towards kids, I give it a 2. Nobody talks to you except the lady who takes all of your lunch money to put into your account and stands there when you punch in your lunch number. I looked for her lunch lady mole, but sadly, she doesn't have one. No hair net either. The monitors are adult volunteers who think they are so powerful because they can say whether or not we can go to bathroom.

On service speed, I give it a 4. You serve yourself.

On taste of "food", I give it a 1. When you walk into the room it smells like rotten fish and you immediately know that walking in there was a big mistake. It is repulsive. When you walk in the room on fish stick day, puking is actually a possibility. Today the daily special was hot dogs and push pops. If you didn't want that, kids can always choose a chicken burger or a burrito. The burrito is typically the best choice. There is also a salad bar and they make you choose a vegetable. Ketchup doesn't count here! I went for the daily special. The hot dogs were soaked in some kind of liquid and they felt like you were eating rubber. Seriously, if you dropped it on the floor it would literally bounce! Gross! When you eat it you don't exactly know what you are eating. Are they really hot dogs? No one knows what they are, only the cook. She is like 80 years old and probably can't see what she is cooking. The watermelon was somewhat, kind of normal. It was not very cold but it tasted like normal watermelon. The ice cream was normal and actually OK but it was very melty. Overall, it was not a good experience. Only a school cafeteria can make fattening junk food taste bad. It is a gift!

On appearance of food, I give it a 2. Everything is served on a foam tray that has some kind of engraving on the second little space that says "milk." As if I would put my milk in the space just because it says so! The choices for drinks are milk and chocolate milk. The trays are so easily breakable that if you put too much on your tray it will break in half! Trust me, it happens at least once a year. My meal looked a tiny bit normal but the hot dogs looked gross and greasy. The watermelon looked mushy and the push pop looked... normal. Even though it looked normal, it looked miserable at the same time.

On price, I give it an unknown. I don't exactly know how much it costs because they take it off of your account every time you buy lunch. Sorry readers. I do know that if you run out of money in your account they will let you eat anyways.

For a horrible total score of 10/30! We get about 15 minutes to eat small portions. What is this, jail? After we are done eating it is recess. If you buy school lunch, go straight outside and play after you eat so you can get rid of all of the yuck. The district wants to make the school food healthy, but the only thing they succeed at is making it gross. Food in jail has to be better. This is why if you are a kid, and you go to school in the Bellevue school district, do yourself a favor and pack your lunch.

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  1. Don't worry, Emily, you only have to put up with it for another 8 years or so. Although food in college is not much better, so only another 12 years :)

    - Uncle D