Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did Someone Say Wings?

Today I reviewed Wingdome in downtown Kirkland and it was quite an adventure!

On decor of restaurant, I give it a 4. It was very unique with a garage and sports theme. The inside literally looked like a garage. There was an entire wall just dedicated to tire rims. Check it out...

There is a sports bar connected to the restaurant with sports playing on all of the tv's. It looked good, but trust me, no girls were involved with the decorating process. It is always a mistake if you come in on a Saturday night. There are huge football fans who scream when something interesting happens on tv, like a touchdown. Wingdome is sort of a man magnet.

On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give it a 2. The servers brought us coloring sheets and crayons right away. They weren't very generous with the crayons, but only brought us 3 and they were weird triangular shaped crayons. Other than that, the servers made no contact with me whatsoever. Not a word or a look.

On service speed, I give it a 3. It took about 10 minutes to get the appetizers and 10 more to get the wings. They were really good about making sure we always had water and napkins.

On taste of food, I give it a 5! I ordered "fully loaded" potato chips, which are house made chips topped with cheese, sour cream, bacon and chives. Yum...

I also ordered #3 chicken wings that came with ranch, blue cheese and celery. You can order the wings anywherere from 0 (no sauce) to 7 (hottest). Here are the wings...

The chips and the wings were absolute perfection! The chips were made fresh and served warm with cheesy heaven and toppings. The cheese was a little chewy but enjoyable. The sour cream was fluffy and the bacon was crispy. It was texture perfection. There was a little of each topping on each bite and I just wanted to eat more and more. The wings were just as amazing. They were crispy on the outside and juicy and moist on the inside. The sauce was rich and flavorful, all cooled down with a dip in the ranch. I like the wings that look like the little drumsticks the most because they have the most meat. Also, I like llamas better than alpacas in case you were wondering.

On appearance of food, I give it a 3. When the wings were first brought out on a silver tray they looked bland and dull. At first we thought they weren't even the right wings since they looked so banal (thank you dictionary). They aren't special on the outside but your taste buds will worship the inside. The chips also didn't look as special as they tasted.

On price, I give it a 2. It seemed sort of expensive. For 30 wings, it costs $30.99. Pretty much a dollar per wing!

There is something at the Wingdome called the "7 Wing Challenge." This challenge means you have to eat 7 wings, 7 alarms each (the hottest EVER), within 7 minutes. You can't use a napkin or drink anything. If you can do this you get a t-shirt and your picture on the wall. My Dad never backs down from a challenge so he took the plunge. I was so scared that he was going to get hurt that I hid out in the bathroom until it was over. Here are the wings he had to eat, look how much sauce they have! He even had to eat the lettuce and lick his fingers...

By the time he finished he was bright red from the sauce burning his face. His eyes were watering and he was shaking. They brought him a glass of milk and an ice cream sandwich to help calm down the spice. My Dad says it is WAY hotter than you can imagine, so kids DON"T TRY THE CHALLENGE! Isn't my Dad a hero? I am so proud.

The final score for Wingdome is 19/30. It is very kid friendly and kids eat free every Tuesday night. I had quite an experience! My Dad did the challenge and I think you should dare your Dads to do it too. Then you can be as proud as I am:) Oh, and the wings are awesome.

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