Sunday, October 16, 2011

Comment Away!

Many of you have mentioned to me that you were unable to post comments to my blog. Turns out I had the wrong setting on...oops! I removed the setting so now you should be able to comment. Please comment on any of my posts, even if they are from months ago. I love my readers and I love what you have to say. Now comment away!!!


  1. Awesome!!!! I love your blog.

  2. EmIly - love the blog! Your post about the school lunch was hillareous and pure genius. Keep it up! All of your blog entries are great, but you are clearly getting better and better with each post. I think this writing thing fits you like a glove - not the OJ kind, by the MJ kind of glove.

    - UnKl D.

  3. Emily,
    Your blogs are everything they should be--fun, insightful, honest and interesting to read. Keep up the good work!

  4. Do you take requests?

    I think you should review Long John Silvers. Without naming names, someone you know very well believes that it is the greatest restaurant ever and does not seem to think that the wall covered with grease and dirt separating the customers from the cooks is at all vile and disgusting. I would love to get your professional opinion.

    -Unkl D

  5. Do you accept reader reviews? I would like to review Jack in the Box.

    On decor, I give it a 5/5. The restaurants tend to be dim and dirty but the tacos are so good that you don't even notice the grime.

    On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give it a 5/5. They tend to be rude to everyone, kids included, but the tacos are so good that you don't even hear what the employees say to you other than, "here are your tacos."

    On service speed, I give it a 5/5. It takes FOREVER to get your tacos but while waiting you get lost in a dream world thinking about them.

    On taste of food, I give it a 5/5. Reasons obvious.

    On appearance of food, I give it a 5/5. The tacos are greasy and nasty and the "food" that makes up the tacos.... Well, best not to speculate. It does not help when they put two tacos in one bag. But, seriously, the tacos are so good! Just close your eyes and imagine they look like anything else.

    On price, I give it a 5/5. Two tacos for $0.99! I repeat. Two tacos for $0.99!

    Total: 30/30. Clear winner!

    I assume you agree.

  6. Thank you for review. Let's see if you're right. I am reviewing Jack in the Box this week!!!

  7. Hi Emily, go easy on me next week. I wont tell the employees that you are visiting. That way I get a true feel for how we are taking care of business. Hugs, Saira

  8. I can't wait!!!!!!!

    When you go, ask for the taquitos. They no longer sell taquitos, but if enough people ask maybe they will bring them back.

  9. I love this blog