Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Icing On The Fairy Cake


  Last week I was given a mindblowing gift: two cupcakes hand carried from London! These weren't just any cupcakes, these were "fairy cakes" made at Harrods, one of the most famous stores in London. I love how some words are different here than in England, but calling cupcakes "fairy cakes" takes the cake! Ha ha ha. The chef (Fiona Cairns) made these fairy cakes and she also made the Royal Wedding cake for Kate and William.


The first thing I thought when I saw the fairy cakes was how gorgeous and elegant they looked! They were dusted with edible glitter and the designs on top were London icons like a cab and a double decker bus. The decorations were so enticing that I expected the flavor to be as wonderful as they looked. Turns out, it was a "royal" pain to taste them! I know the fruitcake in London is horrible, but white cake too? Really? These fairy cakes tasted like plastic. They have this clever wrapping that is air tight with the frosting so they last a long time and the cake stays as moist as if it was just out of the oven. The cake was really moist and tasted average but don't even get me started on the frosting! It was totally rock solid and I couldn't even identify the strange flavor. I thought it was some kind of alcohol flavoring for adults. The design on top was on a thick piece of plastic, um I mean frosting, that was sitting on top. Kids, if you are lucky enough to be Harrods, only get these fairy cakes to accessorize your bedrooms. I really appreciate the new experience and I am honored that I was thought of in London.  Overall, these were definitely an experience. That I don't ever want again. I know people say the food in London is gross, but fairy cakes too?


  1. Another reason to be happy we won the revolution!

    We have some great Houston (or is it Houstonian?) food lined up for you to review when you come down here. Eating with Emily, Texas edition!

    - Uncle D

  2. I love that they are called fairy cakes. So cute!! They look amazing. Can't wait for you to come to Houston. Now I have an excuse to go to my favorite bakery and get petit fours with you all. I think you are going to love them. And...we can always grab some cupcakes while you are here too :) -Kelly