Monday, January 30, 2012


Today was just another day being Emily and I had to go on another boring grocery run with my mom, this time to Uwajimaya in Bellevue. While I was walking through the area with the dead fish with their faces fully intact, I stopped in my tracks... I stumbled upon fresh poke! Like the one I fell in love with in Hawaii! I tasted it and it was exactly the same. I looked around, and Uwajimaya also has my favorite Aloha Maid juices like POG (passion fruit, orange, guava). There was even a Hawaiian aisle filled with things like chocolate covered macadamia nuts. The foods brought back good memories from my trip like chilling out on the beach with the sun on my face, feeling the soft breeze flow through my hair while drinking a POG. Check out my discoveries...


Fresh fruit drinks without corn syrup...

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts...

It brings me back! Ahhhhhhhh! If you want to feel the Hawaiian experience, go to Uwajimaya and taste what I am talking about.

I also found a really fun type of candy that you hold in your teeth and blow. It makes the coolest and loudest whistle ever! It also tastes really good and fruity...

Uwajimaya is a great store for kids, they have locations in Seattle and Bellevue. You can find lots of interesting candies and cookies too. Just stay away from the fish faces. With the eyeballs.

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  1. So awesome! I want to shop there too. I wish we had a store like that here. -Kelly M

    1. I miss you and I cant wait to see you in Texas!

  2. I totally agree. I don't like my food staring back at me. I prefer not to envision them playing with their animal friends and parents before they were killed and put on my dinner plate. I would be a vegetarian but I like meat way too much.

    - Uncle D

  3. Never heard of a fairy cake. Don't think I would like to eat one.
    May I suggest pies as your next food to review. Never can make up my mind as to what flavor of pie to order.
    With sweet thoughts,

  4. I love Aloha Maid drinks! I didn't know I could get them here!

  5. I dare you to touch a fish eyeball!

  6. This blog is so good!!! Reading it puts a smile on my face:)

    1. Thank you! I try my hardest!