Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the year of the dragon. The dragon is the deliverer of good fortune and he delivered my fortune in the form of cake! In celebration of the Chinese New Year, I decided to go to Regent Bakery & Cafe in Redmond.

On decor of restaurant, I give it a 3. The cafe looks pretty boring, in a boring strip mall. Other than some Chinese posters and lanterns on the walls, the bakery was mostly made of large glass cases where the cakes and pastries are displayed.
The cases are so pretty, check them out...

 There are brown walls and tables with matching brown chairs. The sign behind the counter is bright yellow and orange and it was hard for me to read. If you decide to come here it might be a good idea to bring your glasses. I could really tell that their main focus was on the food and not the decor.

On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give it a 3. When I first walked in I was very overwhelmed. The woman working there kept asking me if I wanted lunch and needed to know when I wanted to order. I set my things down on the counter and then she told me where to sit. But then... she brought me a glass of water and a fork without even having to ask! That made me feel like she wanted me there.

On service speed, I give it a 5! They were super fast at putting the piece of cake on the plate. Wowzers, they should be in the cake plating olympics! There was a small line but it moved quickly.

Fresh Fruit Cake...

Swiss Chocolate Mousse Cake...

On taste of food, I give it a 5! I tried two cakes - Fresh Fruit Cake and Swiss Chocolate Mousse Cake. Fresh Fruit Cake: This cake made me feel healthy in a "not really" healthy way. Healthy food never tasted this good! There were different kinds of fresh fruit in the cake like kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. The cake was an angel food cake and the icing was not actually icing, but heavy whipped cream. Eating it made me feel like I was floating on air.
Swiss Chocolate Mousse Cake: There were 3 layers of decadent light and fluffy chocolate cake filled with airy chocolate mousse. The mousse had just the right amount of airiness in it. It was not so airy that you can't feel it, but not so dense that it feels like there is a 5 lb. weight in your mouth. It had the perfect consistency. The cake part was just the same. It was light and airy but with the perfect kick of density. The cake was also perfectly moist. Regent Bakery knows how to make cake!

On appearance of food, I give it a 5! These cakes are decorated and served beautifully. They are served on actual plates, on small golden paper wedges with plastic on the outside to keep the cake in place. They are displayed immaculately in the cases and even more immaculately in my stomach. I can tell that they put a lot of effort into baking and decorating their cakes. They are so appealing that they make you want to take a picture and then gobble them up!  

On price, I give it a 2. A slice of cake averages around $4.00. A whole cake averages around $35.00. That seems like a lot.

Regency Bakery and Cafe scored an overall score of 23/30. WARNING: When you first walk in it smells terrible. The bakery also makes traditional Chinese dishes like Sesame Chicken. Sesame Chicken combined with cake is not a smell that is good. If you can get past the smell and focus on the cakes, you will see that they have lots of different kinds of cakes like cheesecake, black forest cake, tiramisu and chestnut cake. They also have traditional pastries like sausage buns and BBQ pork buns. Everything is made fresh onsite. Do yourself a favor and celebrate the year of the dragon! And let yourself eat cake.


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  1. These cakes look and sound amazing! Do they deliver to Tucson? GrammyGrams

  2. They also have pretty good bubble tea

  3. I have been meaning to try Regent Bakery. I had a fresh fruit cake at a friend's birthday party and it was delicious! I agree with you that it tastes like and angelfood cake with whipped cream. Thanks for the good ideas.

  4. Yum! That's the kind of healthy eating I can identify with, in cake :) -Kelly M

  5. Took your advice and went there yesterday. YUMMMM!!!!!!!!!