Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TCBY? TCB Why Not?!

My first stop on the frozen yogurt week was TCBY in Factoria.
On décor, from 1 to 5, (1 being the worst and 5 being the best) I give it a 2. The wall’s colors are a very boring white and one small wall is dark red. Also, there are coffee colored stains on the ceilings and there are small counter signs that are hard to read.

          On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give it a 5 - the best! Our server’s name was Janay and she didn’t care when kids were literally climbing on the counters. She let me taste everything I wanted to taste without getting annoyed. Trust me, I tasted a lot. She also greeted me warmly when I walked in the door. I definitely recommend it for kids of all ages.
         I give TCBY a 5 on service speed because there was absolutely no wait. It took less than two minutes to make my yogurt, my friend’s, and my sister’s. If you are in a rush, go to TCBY.

         For taste of food, I give them a 4. It was really good, but in an odd way some of the flavors tasted the same. I got soft serve white chocolate mousse and it was very creamy. It tasted like vanilla birthday cake frosting. My friend got rainbow cream hard frozen yogurt and it strangely tasted very similar to mine. My sister got cotton candy flavored hard yogurt. My friend and my sister both agreed that the hard yogurt tasted a lot like ice cream. When I tasted the cotton candy flavor I felt like I was at the Evergreen State Fair. The flavor was very realistic!
          I give TCBY a 4 for the appearance of food. My soft serve just looked like typical vanilla frozen yogurt, but the hard rainbow cream had florescent and neon colors. The colors really popped! The cotton candy colors were very authentic with classic pink and blue. I wish the cones were better. They had typical generic cake and sugar cones. Overall, the yogurt looked great!
          The price is a 5 because on Wednesdays they have $0.99 cone day. That includes any type of cone and any type of yogurt.
          The overall score is 25/30 which is really good! The best part is that it’s right near a pet store where you can hold puppies!!! Also, if you are looking for a cake or pie, they have frozen yogurt cakes and pies. They have a lot of toppings like fresh fruit, candy, and cereal. It’s open until 9:00 PM every single day. I recommend TCBY to everyone.

          Keep reading Eating With Emily all week to learn more about frozen yogurt week. At the end of the week, I will announce which place is “Emily’s Eat of the Week.” My little sister said TCBY is better than olives and that says a lot!

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  1. Great title and an interesting, thorough review. I look forward to following you blog all summer and eating at some of your favorites. BTW, think your little sister would have ordered olive frozen yogurt if they served it?