Friday, July 8, 2011

Round Table: The Last Honest Pizza?

What does that even mean?

Today I ate at Round Table in Redmond. If they're the last honest pizza, then something is seriously wrong here.

On decor of restaurant, I give it a 2. It's called Round Table for a reason...they have round tables!!! They are ugly wooden tables, but they are round. The decor disappointed everybody it is so bad. They have dull colors like army green, brown, and rusty gold. The light over our table wasn't just out, it didn't even have a bulb. And it was dusty.

On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give them a 3. The woman working just took my order and it was really nothing special.

On service speed, I give it a 4. It took 10 minutes to get my individual sized cheese pizza.

On taste of food, I give it a 4. It was really cheesy! The cheese was long and gooey and went all of the way to the crust. The sauce didn't really stand out but tasted good. The crust wasn't thin crust or thick crust, but it was perfectly in the middle. It was crispy on the outside and doughy in the middle. The only bad thing is that it is really greasy (as you can tell in the picture).

On appearance of food, I give it a 3. The cheese was nice and browned but the crust was a little burnt. It was served on an ugly brown plastic plate and a piece of wax paper. They shouldn't have put it on the wax paper because that shows how greasy it is! The pizza looked appetizing but pretty normal.

On price, I give it a 4. It was $5.39 for an individual sized pizza. They have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet from 11-2 on Monday-Friday for $7.99. That includes pizza, unlimited soda, and a salad bar.

The final score is 20/30. The pizza was really good and I recommend it for families. However, the Round Table in Redmond is next door to a very inappropriate store that is not good for kids. And the store is ugly. If I were you I would get delivery. They have locations in Redmond, Issaquah and Woodinville. 

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