Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Lovin It!

Today I went to McDonald's in Bellevue (there are locations everywhere, and I mean everywhere) and I'm lovin it! 

 On decor of restaurant, I give it a 4. It was a renovated McDonald's, it's not old school. It was very modern with stiff but nice red booths and peach wooden tables and egg like chairs. I was sitting at a bar with tall red stools and at the end of the bar there was a tv playing the news and the news today was not very appropriate for kids. Outside, it was a reddish brick restaurant but inside it was a nice modern chic resteraunt. I thought McDonald's was supposed to look like a fast food restaurant!

On friendliness of staff towards kids, I give it a 3. The girl who was working didn't really talk to me, and when I asked a question she said the words but she didn't seem like she really cared. Other than that, she didn't interact with us. She was like a girl Napolian Dynamite! Without the skills.

On service speed, I give it a 4. It took about 3-5 minutes to get one smoothie made.

I got a small pineapple and mango smoothie. On taste of food, I give it a 4. They were pretty darned good. It was tangy and fruity, and I could really taste both the pineapple and the mango. They say that it is fresh fruit and yogurt but it is pre-made off site and crushed with ice there. It really tasted like they just make it on the spot. It was very finely blended and there were no chunks of ice or fruit. It was sweet but it almost tasted sour. Maybe the fruit was a little too tangy afterall.

On appearance of food, I give it a 3. The yellow was so bright that it almost looked artificial. After you sipped it down there were frothy bubbles at the bottom of the cup. Other than that, it looked pretty average. 

On price, I give it a 5! It was $2.29 for a small 16 oz. smoothie. 

For a suprising total of 23/30!  They only had three smoothie flavors- wild berry, strawberry banana and mango pineapple. Is McDonald's really healthy afterall? I guess we will never know but to all you kids out there, if you go to McDonald's and you want a McFlurry, think twice because you might want a smoothie instead! 

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